Vision and Mission

Vision - The objective and purpose of NDRF is to "promote and advance the science and practice of engineering design in all branches of engineering".
NDRF envisages creating an environment that will enhance its status as the pioneer of collaborative research in India, and position it as a leading national research organization catalyzing the deployment of engineering advances for addressing societal needs, and providing the "Engineers' Perspective" to policy and social decisions impacting Indian citizens.

Mission - NDRF will effectively leverage technological change for progress and advancement of the Indian society through engineering research; technology management and forecasting; technology transfer; intellectual property creation and patenting; consultancy; and science, technology policy research.
Capitalizing on the mandate defined by the IEI Council, NDRF will strategically lead the Consortium of Partners (NDRF Consortium) to address the national needs and imperatives of a premier Indian research organization by leveraging the collective strength of The IEI, NDRF and the members of the NDRF Consortium.
NDRF intends to promote interdisciplinary collaboration by facilitating management of major national programmes, individual research projects, development of R&D proposals, establishment of appropriate governance structure to progress research initiatives, and resource pooling.
NDRF will deliver value through Technology Analyses (Audits), Technology Road mapping, Benchmarking, Technology-driven business development and Preparation of Due-Diligence Reports (technology and business).
NDRF's portfolio of services will be user-friendly and flexible to attract partners for collaborative research, external clientele, funding agencies including industry, venture capitalists, and philanthropic organizations. NDRF will continue the tradition of compliance with all regulatory and fiduciary requirements as may be required.