CHAIRMAN's Message

Dr P Raghothama Rao

National Design Research Forum (NDRF)
constituted with an overall objective of "promote and advance the science and practice of engineering design in all branches of engineering", has taken very many pioneering efforts in various Engineering disciplines in the last 50 years. While looking back it's past accomplishments with a sense of appreciation and satisfaction, the road ahead also show very challenging. In the emerging India the roles of core and new specialised engineering eisciplines are going to be very high. NDRF has added responsibility of identifying design and research avenues particularly related to the progress of the country and are of multi disciplinary in nature. There in bringing a consortium of partners drawn from Government owned R&D labs, public sectors, private entities, academia. NDRF is playing a catalyst role in the whole chain of modern R&D in terms of problem definition, project formulation, fund raising, proto/ product realisation, field trail, operationalisation and finally acknowledging the accomplishment by due recognition and rewards. NDRF is able to get the best minds in the field to guide, plan, execute and audit it's activities one side and young and energetic youngsters with zeal to go heights, given the challenging opportunities.

     NDRF re-dedicates all it's efforts with full enthusiasm and transparency to play a meaningful role to uphold Engineering Professions, Capitalizing on the mandate defined by the IEI Council, strategically leading the Consortium of Partners (NDRF Consortium) to address the national needs and imperatives as a premier Indian research organization by leveraging the collective strength of The IEI, NDRF and the members of the NDRF Consortium.
Dr P Raghothama Rao