Shri Abdul Hameed - He has over 30 years of experience as Scientist in DRDO at Aeronautical Development Establishment Bangalore, related to Manned and Unmanned aircraft avionics and flight control systems (LCA, Rustom, Nishant, Ajeet& Kiran). Four (4) years of experience as Scientist Consultant at Institute of Defence Scientist and Technologists for DRDO Projects (Flight Simulation projects at ADE).

Dr. Anasuya Devi H K - Dr H K Anasuya Devi is a Professor, Research Lead. She is a Professor and Faculty, has been teaching Regular Courses at the Centre for Continuing Education-Proficiencies, Indian Institution of Science. She possesses extensive research experience of about 30 years in inter-disciplinary areas across diverse range of research interests including Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Remote Sensing Applications and Geographic Information Systems, Epigraphy etc. This includes teaching, guiding at graduate, post graduate levels, researchers, scientists and for senior executives, research projects at various Institutions/Universities in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Dr. Chari N - Dr. N. Chari is a Ret. Principal & Dean, Kakatiya University, Warangal. In his 40 years of teaching experience, he held different positions as Reader in Bio Physics at Nizam College, Hyderabad (1975 – 1978), Professor in Department of Physiology, Kakatiya University, Warangal (1978 - 1985), Professor in Physiology & head Department of Zoology, Kakatiya University, Warangal (1985 - 1995), Principal & Dean, Kakatiya University, Warangal (1985 – 1995 ), Dean & Chief Administrator, Windsor MEdical University, West Indies (1998 – 2001), UGC Special Officer at Maratwada University (1996 - 1998). He has worked as a Visiting Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MRCET, Hyderabad.
He holds expertise in the areas of Physiology and Bio Aerodynamics/ Bio Physics. He held Scholarships for UNESCO WHO Scholar at Institute of Medical Physiology, Czechoslovakia (1968 – 1969), IBRO – UNISCO at Institute of Medical Physiology, Czechoslovakia (1970 – 1971). He has published 80 Papers Published in National and International Journals, including Bio Aerodynamics of Fliers.

Dr. Dinesh Rangappa - Dr. Dinesh Rangappa is Professor in Department of Nanotechnology at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Center for Post Graduate Studies, Bengaluru Region. He has worked as Postdoctoral Research Scientist and JSPS Fellow. During this period, have developed supercritical fluid process for preparation of nano energy materials and developed novel high yield method for graphene exfoliation. He has also worked on supercritical water technology and developed novel method for production of inorganic nano pigments and other nanomaterials. He has a background of Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nanotechnology, Material Chemistry, Photocatalysis, Hydrothermal Reactions, Supercritical Fluids, Li ion battery materials, graphene exfoliation and applications. He holds skills in the areas of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Graphene, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials, Spectroscopy and many more.

Dr. Gundu H. R. Rao - Dr. Gundu H. R. Rao has worked for an year with the Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Bangalore and five years at the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore. He immigrated to the USA in 1965 and specialized in grain storage technology and obtained his Ph.D degree from the Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. He has been with the University of Minnesota Medical School for over 40 years. He is a naturalized US citizen and a tenured professor in the department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology. He also has faculty appointments in Anesthesiology, Lillehei Heart Institute, and Biomedical Engineering Institute.

Dr. Jagadeesha C J - Dr. C. J. Jagadeesha is a Scientist /Engineer SE at Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO]- National Remote Sensing Centre - RRSC-South Regional Remote Sensing Centre. His research fields includes remote sensing of water resources, hydrology, irrigation systems, soil and geology, air and meteorology, advanced surveying methods like GPS (Global positioning System), photogrammetry/ interferometry, cartography and maps, and rapid prototyping. These are accessible to modern IT fields like remote sensing , digital image processing, databases and web enabling (for water resources) robotics, GPS and GIS(geographic information system science), wireless sensor networks etc.

Dr. Kishore Kumar S - Dr. S. Kishore Kumar is an AICTE-INAE Distinguished Visiting Professor (June 2014- June 2016), SIT, Tumkur & Technical Adviser, NDRF, Inst of Engg, Bangalore, since 2015. AT GTRE, he has held positions as Associate Director – (2012 onwards) Turbumachinery Design (CFD, Compressor, Turbine, Combustor, Afterburner, Heat Transfer& Secondary Air System Groups), Additional Director – CFD, SMG1 & SMG2, Turbine (2009 -2012), Additional Director – Combustor, HTG, ITG, SQAG (2010 -2012). Additional Director – ABES (2010-2011), Technical Director (2009-2011) Programme Director – GATET (GAs Turbine Enabling Technology, 2009-2014).

Prof Krupashankar - Krupashankar is Professor and Dean - P.G.Studies in R. V. College of Engineering. He has 10 years of industry experience and 16 years of experience in R&D. His areas of interest include Composite Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Solar Thermal Coatings, Rapid Prototyping. Research projects undertaken by him are Development of High Temperature Multi-layer Coatings for Enhanced Solar Thermal Absorption 2012-15, Naval Research Board Development, Characterization and Testing of MWCNT-Polymer Composites for Fused Deposition Process 2011-13, Naval Research Board Densification & Characterization of Nanometallic Magnets for Naval Application 2009-11, Naval Research Board Design & Characterization of RF MEMS Based Devices for Naval Application 2009-11, Dept. of Science & Technology Characterization Facility for Nanostructured Materials and Coatings - Nano-Mission Program 2009-11, Armament Research Board Tungsten Nano powders for Kinetic Energy Penetrators 2007-09.

Dr. Madhavan K T - Dr. K.T. Madhavan has worked as a Scientist at National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore for various roles such as Development and applications of wind tunnel instrumentation for flow measurements and control, Development of laser-based flow measurement systems, Microprocessor-based data acquisition and controls, Development and application of DSP-based systems for laser-based flow measurements, optical flow diagnostics, Liquid crystal based visualizations, flow control and Laser applications for flow field mapping on flapping airfoils, Development and applications of smart materials for aircraft performance enhancement using Electro-Active Polymers, Micro Air Vehicles research. Currently, he is working as professor and involved in R & D activities of Sreepathy Inst. of Management &Technology Vavanoor, Koo-ttanad, Palakkad Kerala.

Dr. Manjappa S - Dr S Manjappa Professor & Head, Chemistry/Environmental Science & Technology Study Centre Bapuji Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., Davangere. His research areas include Water & Waste Water Management, Treatment and Recycling, Air and Water quality Modeling, Monitoring, Surface and Ground Water Chemistry, Studies on Environmental parameters, EIA Studies of Developmental Projects, Trace & Heavy metal studies, Optimization of Bio-methanation, Production of Ethanol from cellulose materials. He has 30 years of Research, Teaching experience for Under Graduate and Postgraduate students.

Dr. Murthy S S - Dr Shikaripur Sreenivasa Murthy has been appointed Vice Chancellor of Central University of Karnataka (CUK), Gulbarga. S S Murthy was serving as the CEA Chair position in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, before joining CUK and has been associated with the institution since 1970 as faculty. He took over the charges from Pro Vice Chancellor S Chandrashekhar, who had been holding the charge of VC since the retirement of A M Pathan on June 28, 2012. He has held many visiting Positions in India and abroad, including Visiting Fellow Univ. of Newcastle (UK), Visiting Professor, Univ. of Calgary (Canada), Visiting Consultant, Kirloskar Elec. Co., Director, ERDA Baroda, Adjunct Prof. IISc Bangalore and Director of NITK, Surathkal.

Dr. Ramesh G - Dr. G. Ramesh, M.Sc. (Phy) (Madras), M.Sc (Engg), IISc, Ph.D.(IISc), Superannuated in April 2016 after 36 years of progressive experience, in Government R&D. Have successfully undertaken various research projects from AR&DB, DRDO, and private industries both as team lead as well as contributing member. Founder head of Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Division from 2010 till April 2016. Worked as research scientist in DLR, Germany under DAAD exchange program. Hands on experience in developing wind tunnel instrumentation, setting up and applying advanced flow diagnostic tools. Established test facilities - Sub sonic co flow jet, MAV Aerodynamics Research Tunnel, MAV design centre, MAV flight test facility, Exposure to various activities of the micro and mini Aircraft design development production testing and flight trials. Guided a number of under graduate and graduate students and two doctoral students in the areas of microprocessor-based wind tunnel systems, image processing, micro air vehicle development etc. Delivered a number of technical talks to students on advanced flow diagnostics, wind tunnel measurement, Micro UAVs under various forums. Member- Research council for CSIR lab. and chairman (2008-2011), Member — UAV system, Karnataka Knowledge commission ( 2015-2018) Member of AR& DB panel on UAV system (2014 onwards), Visiting Faculty, IIAEM Jain University (2016-2018), Dean Research and Head Aeronautical Engg. Dept., GCEM, Bangalore — 2019 onwards, Awards — NAL Research Award — 1996, AR & DB Silver Jubilee award — 1997. Professional Membership, Fellow — Institution of Engineers, Life Member — AeSI, Instrument Society of India, ISSS, Over 90 publications in conference and Journals.

Wg Cdr DP Sabharwal - Wg Cdr DP Sabharwal has 45 years of experience with 25Years (1971-1996) in the Indian Air Force (8 in Academics) and 20 Years (Post-retirement) in Academics. He has held position of Director, Aero Academy. He is a visiting professor at many engineering/ MBA colleges which include University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh, Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh, Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering & Technology, Derabassi, Aryans Business School (MBA) , Rajpura. He is the Founder Principal Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE) , Patna 1 Year (1999).

Shri Sadasivan S - Shri S. Sadasivan played active role in successfully forging collaboration between a DRDO Lab and a Technology Company in Netherlands, towards development of an onboard acoustic payload for enhancing Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) mission effectiveness. He headed Structures Technology Divisions at ADE as Group Director supporting ADE / DARE Programmes. He is currently interested in integrating acoustic modality based solutions in security/ industrial/ civilian applications. He has been committed to focusing on and highlighting acoustic vector sensor technology advantages in such situations and settings. He was a Research Consultant at the HAN University Campus of Micro flown Technologies in Netherlands, January – April 2008 and Consultant on acoustic vector sensor applications in aero-acoustics with regard to passive localization of aircraft and UAVs and acoustic transient events .

Dr. Sampathkumaran .P - Dr. P. Sampathkumaran is currently working as a Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sambhram Institute of Technology. Before joining the institute, he has been Joint Director (Retd.) & Head Materials Technology Division at Central Power Research Institute. He hold expertise in the areas of Material characterization of metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials using tribological, mechanical metallurgical test facilities, Development & evaluation of abrasion (YGP) index facilities for coal quality assessment on mill performance, Wear & erosion of thermal power station components, Residual Stress measurements of materials/components using XRD & MBN techniques for power, aerospace, automobile, railways, defence and other engineering industries, Development of wear resistant castings through induction melting and casting route.

Dr. Seetharamu S - Dr. S. Seetharamu joined CPRI in 1985 after serving in L&T and Best and Crompton Engg and retired as Director of CPRI in June 2015. He is a Chartered engineer, and also has served as a Faculty at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. Power Engg with special reference to energy efficiency, environmental engg, materials technology and condition assessment & diagnostics (RLA and Asset Management) are his areas of expertise. Special thrust is towards coordination/networking with professional working groups for collaboration, accreditation and implementable work-programs.

Mr. Shankar V - Mr. V. Shankar has been as Scientist/ Expert Consultant at National Aerospace Laboratories. His areas of expertise include Electronics & Communications, Instrumentation, Active Vibration Control, Sensors & Embedded Systems for MAV. He has successfully completed about 10 courses in the area of electronics design, instrumentation advanced microprocessor systems, computerized data analysis under "proficiency"(under continuing education program) at IlSc, Bangalore.

Dr. Srihari P V - Dr. P. V. Srihari is an associate professor in R. V. College of Engineering in Mechanical department. He holds expertise in the areas of Product Design, Vibrational analysis, Development of Underwater vehicles. He is a life member of ISTE and also a member of Institution of Engineers (India). He worked for 3 years in quality control and Project Co-ordination of soda recovery boiler complex. He worked 2 years in Gears India pvt. Ltd. and standardized and computerized the gear designs and participated in gear design standard development. He joined (then Vellore Engineering College) VIT University in 1998 as Senior Lecturer and worked till 2006 and worked as Asst. Professor in the various development activities of the organization. He joined R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore in 2006 as Asst. Professor and re designated as Associate Professor in 2011.

Shri Srinivasan K V - Shri K.V. Srinivasan has served DRDO for 36 years as scientist (Initial 8 yrs at DRDL Hyderabad and remaining 28 yrs at ADE, DRDO, Bangalore). He was the Emeritus Scientist (2yrs) at ADE after superannuation in July, 2010. He has worked in the area of Navigation, Guidance & Control aspects of Guided weapon systems at DRDL ,Hyd. and in the area of UAVs ( Flight control system / System Engg ) since 1982 at ADE , Bangalore. Currently he is working as Technical Advisor at NDRF as an expert in the area of Control, Navigation and Guidance for Micro Air Vehicles, Sensors and Cyborgs.