Our Story

National Design Research Forum (NDRF) established by the Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI], has been promoting Research, Design, Development, and Innovation initiatives through collaborative effort since 1969. NDRF is anchoring interdisciplinary technological research in many engineering disciplines for societal applications, and plays a major role in deploying engineering and technology services, systems, and solutions for nation building.

Over the years, NDRF has transformed itself and grown from being the captive engineering R&D Wing of IEI to one of the leading collaborative R&D ecosystems of the Country, with significant indigenous capabilities in Micro Air Vehicles, Chemical and Bio-Sensor Systems; Biomedical Devices; and Rapid Prototyping.

NDRF has been successful in expanding the scope and quality of engineering research by building a platform of academia; research organizations; and entrepreneurs and industry; and continues to strive to grow the envelope of research activities in the collaborative mode to address societal needs.

The strategic plan documented herein provides details on the status of engineering research at NDRF, and lists out the agenda to develop the quality and strength of this unique research programme. NDRF can leverage the growth till date to expand into the following areas:

  • Advanced and Enabling Technology Hub
  • Centre for Technologies and Agents for Social Impact
  • Agency for Advisory Role and Policy Guidelines to State and Central Government Agencies
  • Technology Forecasting
  • Skill Development and Manpower Upgradation


NDRF will at also act as a catalyst to enhance AMIE Programmes including development of Lab Infrastructure for Practical Training, and teaching resources.

By doing this, NDRF will develop a multi-pronged framework to handle the entire lifecycle of activities to promote deployment of engineering advances to address our Country needs for economic and social development; progress activities on multiple fronts to leverage the successes achieved till date; and realize the goal of promoting and advancing the science and practice of engineering design in all branches of engineering.


The objective and purpose of NDRF is to “promote and advance the science and practice of engineering design in all branches of engineering”.
NDRF envisages creating an environment that will enhance its status as the pioneer of collaborative research in India, and position it as a leading national research organization catalyzing the deployment of engineering advances for addressing societal needs, and providing the “Engineers’ Perspective” to policy and social decisions impacting Indian citizens.


NDRF will effectively leverage technological change for progress and advancement of the Indian society through engineering research; technology management and forecasting; technology transfer; intellectual property creation and patenting; consultancy; and science, technology policy research.

Capitalizing on the mandate defined by the IEI Council, NDRF will strategically lead the Consortium of Partners (NDRF Consortium) to address the national needs and imperatives of a premier Indian research organization by leveraging the collective strength of The IEI, NDRF and the members of the NDRF Consortium.

NDRF intends to promote interdisciplinary collaboration by facilitating management of major national programmes, individual research projects, development of R&D proposals, establishment of appropriate governance structure to progress research initiatives, and resource pooling.

NDRF will deliver value through Technology Analyses (Audits), Technology Road mapping, Benchmarking, Technology-driven business development and Preparation of Due-Diligence Reports (technology and business).

NDRF’s portfolio of services will be user-friendly and flexible to attract partners for collaborative research, external clientele, funding agencies including industry, venture capitalists, and philanthropic organizations. NDRF will continue the tradition of compliance with all regulatory and fiduciary requirements as may be required.

Strategic Goals

To achieve NDRF vision and contribute to nation building, the following five strategic goals have been identified:

  • Provide leadership in identifying and developing contemporary technologies
  • Enhance and Institutionalize Research Excellence
  • Foster Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Policy Research to ensure that technological advances drive Indian society’s march to progress and development
  • Promote Networking and Collaboration in Engineering Research and Development Community
  • Create regional NDRF Clusters and Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

Technology Forum

NDRF has emerged as a forum for exploring and disseminating new and emerging design and research concepts. It is dedicated to provide an international forum for the discussion of design and research in the current issues of the Nation.

Forward Thinking

NDRF has been actively involved in program management, and building the National Ecosystem for collaborative,inter-disciplinary research and development.

Problem Solvers

To share the development with members of the engineering and technology community, NDRF publishes Monographs, Special Issues, Review Journals, and Conference proceedings on a regular basis.

Engineering Support

NDRF is anchoring interdisciplinary technological research in many engineering discipline including for societal applications, and plays a major role in deploying engineering and technology services, systems, and solutions for nation building.